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    Cantera Stone Fountain '76Y94'


    Cantera Stone Fountain '76Y94'


    Product Description

    Buy this extraordinary Mexican cantera stone fountain, handmade with round basin and free standing. In colonial state of Michoacan between town of Quiroga and Patzcuaro we produce hand carved stone fountains. Most designs were inspired by Spanish influence of colonial architecture used for garden and house decor in Europe and the New World. Hand crafted fountain in multitude of colors and custom dimensions is the standard choice. Rustica House quarries its raw material in various regions of Mexico. Cantera is volcanic, sedimentary stone that was formed millions of years ago and lay in vast quantities throughout the continent. Not all colors are available in a single location. Choosing certain stones might prolong the production process due to longer time needed for sourcing the material. All fountain columns have predrilled round hole for the water pipe installation. Any electrical components nor the pipe are included to the offer. Those elements can be easily purchased in the destination country. They will carry local safety certificates. Any Mexican cantera stone fountain when wet looks much darker, it is normal. It will recover its natural color once dry. Installing the fountain outdoors in the regions where ice might form on the surface is not recommended. Expending freezing water might damage the fountain.

    Stone Fountain Specifications

    • Height: 96" (220cm)
    • Fountain round basin outside diameters: 6' (180 cm)
    • Delivery from Mexico estimated for 5 to the US, 6 weeks to Canada
    • Stone fountain sizing may vary +/- 2 inches
    • Having a handmade fountain on site before working on water and electrical connections recommended
    • No color samples, templates nor blueprints are available, the fountains are made as individually
    • Stone color and fixtures might very from the sample image
    • Mexican tiles available as an option, choose the pattern, style and color to your purchase
    • Pump, tube nor lights are included, purchase them at your end once the product is delivered
    • Maximum water depth is up to 12"
    • The cantera fountain is delivered in sections
    • You will need to prepare the concrete foundation prior to installing the fountain
    • Contracting a tradesman experienced in cantera stone fountain installations is suggested

    Mexican Cantera Stone Fountain Care

    Caring for the cantera stone fountain is easy. It is basically maintenance fee. Occasionally, rains it with water. Check the cantera fountain once a while for debris and remove them with a skimmer. Drain your fountain monthly and change basin water. Once a year mix together one table spoon of dish detergent with water. Clean the basin including tiles with the solution using a soft nylon brush. Make sure the mixture enters crevices and pores. Since Mexican stone is soft material be careful not to scratch it to deeply. You might damage the surface fixtures. Use it as a tip. Move your hand a circular motion to scrub the fountain with the nylon brush. Rinse your mexican cantera stone fountain with cool water using a garden hose.

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