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    Stone Fountain "Wall Mount"


    Stone Fountain "Wall Mount"


    Product Description

    This cantera wall mount fountain style is Rustica House best selling architectural stone so far. The fountain #9CT6N comes with an optional handcrafted tiles in rustic washed yellow color. The stone itself is offered in nine colors as well. It is produced in variety of sizes. Taking a particular cantera stone availability at the time of ordering into account its delivery might take between four to six weeks.

    Cantera Wall Mount Fountain

    • Sku: FJ49CT6N
    • Height: 48" (120cm); 60" (150cm); 72" (180cm); 96" (220cm)
    • Type: wall mounting
    • Style: classic colonial
    • Basin: proportional with the fountain size
    • Delivery: estimated for 4-5 weeks
    • Samples: no samples nor installation manual available
    • Color: cantera color may very from the image
    • Decoration: rustic tiles available as an option
    • Hardware: pump, tube nor lights are included
    • Shipping: cantera fountain is delivered in sections, assembly required
    • Foundation: you will need to prepare the concrete foundation before installation
    • Installation: Contracting an experienced installer recommended
    • Use: garden walls, parks, back and front yard

    Cantera Wall Mount Fountain Care

    stone fountains  

    Cantera wall mount fountains are not difficult to care. On a need basis, rains it with called water. Check it for debris or leafs and remove them from the basin. Once a year mix one table spoon of dish detergent with water. Clean the basin including tiles with the solution using a soft nylon brush. Make sure the mixture enters most of the pores. Since the architectural cantera is soft be careful while brushing. Afterwards wash the fountain with water using a garden hose. Any electrical parts nor a pipe included. You can purchase them at any home hardware store after delivery. Characteristic of the stone is that it gets darker when wet. Having the cantera wall mount fountain installed outdoors in the cold climate requires additional attention. Expending ice might damage it. Cover it with a tarp while it is still warm.

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