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    Stone Fountain 'W6987'


    Stone Fountain 'W6987'


    Product Description

    Spanish style wall mount stone fountain is usually decorated with off white talavera tiles. Both the cantera stone fountain ornaments and the tiles are still hand crafted in Mexico. How to purchase this stone fountain? First choose your fountain height. Beside the basin dimensions, the size will impact the final price as it is a heavy item. Afterworlds choose your stone color. Even though some colors are more expensive we maintain the same price for all of them regardless the size. It makes the buying experience easy. Choose the fountain stone basin in the options if you need one. Some buyers prefer to make it on their own using different materials include concrete. Cantera is heavy and it will cost to deliver. See wall mount stone fountain specifications for available dimensions. The images shows handmade tiles installed wall including some border tiles that are not included in the offer and they are available as an option. You can choose any 4x4 style displayed in our store. During the checkout all options will be added together and the delivery cost calculated for your zip code based on total. We ship cantera fountains within Mexican, US and Canada only. No shipping overseas.

    Wall Mount Stone Fountain

    • Height: 48" (120cm), 60" (150cm)' 72" (180cm)' 96" (220cm)
    • Basin dimensions proportional with the fountain height and width, see listing image
    • Delivery from Mexico estimated for five to the US, six weeks to Canada
    • Cantera fountain dimensions might vary +/- 2 inches
    • No color samples nor installation manual available
    • Rock color and fixtures might very from the image
    • Mexican tiles available as an option, choose the pattern, style and color
    • Pump, tube nor lights are included
    • The cantera fountain is delivered in sections, the buyer will have to install it
    • You will need to prepare the concrete foundation before installation
    • Contracting a tradesman experienced in stone fountain installation is suggested

    Wall Mount Stone Fountain Care

    Caring for the wall mount stone fountain is easy. Cantera for the most part is maintenance fee. Occasionally, rains it with water. Check mexican fountain once a while for debris and remove them. Drain it monthly and change water. Once a year mix together one table spoon of dish detergent with water. Clean the basin including tiles with the solution using a soft nylon brush. Make sure the mixture enters crevices and pores. Since Mexican stone is soft material be careful not to scratch the fountain to deeply. You might damage the surface fixtures. Use a circular motion to scrub with the nylon brush. Rinse the mexican cantera fountain with cool water using a garden hose. Making the wall-mount fountain from some canteras might prolong the production as it takes time to source the material. Fountain columns have predrilled hole for the water pipe. Electrical parts like the pump nor the pipe itself are included in the offer. Purchase them at any home hardware or building supply once the fountain is delivered. The pump will be furnished with your country's safety certificates. Any mexican cantera wall fountain when wet looks darker, it is quite normal. The fountain will recover its natural color once dry again. Installing the wall mount fountain outdoors in the regions where ice might form on the stone is not recommended. Expending freezing water might damage the fountain.

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